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The Rainbow Bridge

Are you looking for devotion?


On 26 September 2009 at 15,30 h numerous animal lovers, amongst them also famous stars, gathered at the dog shelter of the Animal Protection Association Spirit.

The activities of the Association "Spirit" shall be promoted under the motto "Are you looking for devotion?" The event shall be accompanied by leading daily and weekly newspapers, with the goal to introduce to the public the problem of abandoning and neglecting of animals. Another important goal of this gathering is promotion of adoption of abandoned animals.

The promotion of the activities of the Association "Spirit" was held under the motto "Are you looking for devotion?", and was accompanied by leading daily newspapers, with the goal to introduce to the public the problem of abandoning and neglecting of animals. Another important goal of the gathering was promotion of adoption of abandoned animals. Actors Jadranka Krajina, Vladimir Tintor and Edvin Liveric visited the shelter of the Association "Spirit", located in Zagreb, in the neighborhood Sesvete. Joined have also the fashion designer Zoran Mrvos and his friend Tomislav, who both adopted a dog from the Association "Spirit". They came together with their pets, our former protégées – the Springer Spaniel Spirit and the little Pekinese female Karina with injured spine.

The actor Vladimir Tintor answered the invitation without hesitation:

"I am welcoming this action with great joy, since from my own experience I know how I enjoy with my dog, who I adopted from a shelter. Just by chance I saw the newspaper announce about his adoption, and I was instantly "bought" by the look in his eyes, as if crying for help. I found out that if he would not be adopted, he may face the worst that can happen, and that his days were practically counted! Without hesitation I adopted him and left him the name which as given to him in the shelter – Bubi. It somehow goes with his "silly" look in the eyes. Because he was scared not to be abandoned again, it took time until he relaxed and stared to trust people again. But, with a lot of attention and love given by me and my friends, he became my best friend and there is nothing more joyful than the happy look in his eyes when I come home. Adopt a dog, you will not regret it, because a dog might be exactly what you are missing for complete happiness."

The singer Maja Vucic also promotes the adoption of abandoned animals, at best by her own example, as she also adopted such an abandoned dog. Although, due to other occupations, she could not join us this time, she sent out:

"I am inviting all dog lovers, who would like to adopt a dog from a stationary and give him a home, to also do that. I am positive that they shall find at least one who will be the nicest, the most beautiful, the one who will capture their hearts. Exactly that happened to me with my adopted female dog Milica, which I took from the stationary when she was only three months old. She is a grateful dog, she gives me endless love. Adopted dogs are the most grateful dogs, as if they know that you saved their life, and I am positive that they will give you enormous amount of love, happiness and pleasure."

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Updated: 12.10.2009

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