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The Rainbow Bridge

Picture-book “Leda”


When she took him in her arms she felt how the puppy shivers. From cold and from fear. – You are cold as ice – she said. Therefore we shall name you Leda.

In 2007 the Animal Protection Association Spirit issued an educational picture-book “Leda” by its author Monika Potocki.

“Leda” is inspired by a true story about one dog, Spirit protégée, and people who found themselves in its life. Leda’s story is special in its way, and yet very alike to stories of all other abandoned dogs. Besides the morale message which is suggested to its reader, the picture-book also offers to children and their parents concrete advice about taking care of dogs.

The picture-book was printed with the support of the City of Zagreb, Administration for agriculture and forestry. The Association thanks everybody who participated in the project.

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