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The Rainbow Bridge



For only 99 kuna per month provide a better life for Your chosen virtual pet.

You do not have conditions for adopting a dog? You do not have the possibility for a more active participation in the Association’s work? No problem, because for You we have created a DOG-PARTNER programme which will enable You to take care of a pet virtually.

For only 99 kuna per month You can become a DOG-PARTNER to one of the dogs currently living at the Spirit’s shelter. Visit and choose Your virtual pet.

Your next step is to make a payment to the Spirit Association’s giro account 2484008-1104087897, purpose of payment: Dog-PARTNER and the name of the dog You have chosen (for credit refernce number put 01 + OIB (personal identification number) or 99+blank).

The third step is to send payment confirmation, Your personal information and the name of the chosen dog on Spirit’s e-mail Your name and surname will be written on the dog’s profile and a link will be sent to You soon after the received payment and the announcement of Your name. Your responsibility in the Dog-partner programme is providing a monthly support to the chosen pet during the period of at least three months, and if during the partnership period Your dog-partner finds a permanent home, You will be contacted in order to choose another dog to sponsor.

By making a monthly payment You are helping Spirit in taking care of the dog You have chosen, partly covering the monthly expenses for his or her food, veterinary needs if any and other necessities.

Thank You on the participation in this programme, by which You will provide the necessary care for Your virtual friend and, through Your financial donations, help us to take care for him or her in a more adequate and high-quality way than it has been possible previously.

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Updated: 19.09.2010

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